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11010 SHA

Shat-R-Shield® 11010 Straight Shatter-Resistant Fluorescent Lamp, 6 W, G5 Miniature Bi-Pin Fluorescent Lamp, 260 Lumens, 60 CRI, 4100 K, 8.9 in L
Manufacturer: Shat-R-Shield
Manufacturer part number: 11010
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Straight Shatter-Resistant


Shat-R-Shield® fluorescent lamps are coated from end to end with our exclusive, patented plastic coating. if a Shat-R-Shield® lamp is dropped or broken, virtually all glass, phosphors and mercury are safely contained within the coating. Our coating reduces light output by less than 1% and is a minimum of 16 mils thick. Shat-R-Shield® lamps are UL and NSF certified, USDA approved and meet FDA and OSHA standards. Lamps should not be installed in areas where ambient temperatures exceed 120 deg F. Shat-R-Shield® linear fluorescent lamps are available in various wattages, colors and Kelvin temperatures, including T5, T8 and T12 sizes. Shat-R-Shield® also offers many fluorescent lamps in ultraviolet (UV) blocking versions.
Shat-R-Shield® Fluorescent Lamp, Straight Shatter-Resistant, F6T5 CW (PK X 25), 6 W, 42 VAC, Fluorescent Lamp, G5 Miniature Bi-Pin Lamp Base, T5 Linear, 260 Lumens, 10000 hr Average Life, Cool White, 60 CRI, 4100 K Color, 8.9 in Length, 0.63 in Dia, Copolymer Coated Lamp


General Lighting, Food Processing, Food Service, Hospitality, Industrial and Retail Applications


FDA Approved | OSHA Approved | NSF Certified | RoHS Compliant | UL Listed | USDA Approved


  • Lamps for non-refrigerated areas combine the heat resistant properties of PFA with the strength of our highly specialized coating
  • Withstands the extreme temperatures emitted by a VHO fluorescent lamp
  • Meets the Toxic characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) standards established by the US EPA
  • These lamps destroy microbes such as bacteria, viruses, molds and spores with high output ultraviolet (UV-C) radiation
  • UV blocking plastic coating is applied directly onto the lamp
  • Coating reduces light output by less than 1% and is a minimum of 16 mils thick
  • Zero gap technology creates a skin tight seal, eliminating any air gaps in which heat from the lamp will become trapped and gradually degrade the coating, leaving the lamp unprotected and your business exposed to the risk of glass breakage
  • Includes a patented UV blocking package that blocks 97% of UV emissions from 180 to 390 nanometers and is guaranteed not to yellow, crack or flake for the rated life of the lamp
  • Safety coating on T5 lamps does not block ultraviolet (UV) light


Average Life:10000 hr
Color:Cool White
Color Rendering Index (CRI):60
Color Temperature:4100 K
Country of Origin:PL
Designation:F6T5 CW (PK X 25)
Diameter:0.63 in
Lamp Base:G5 Miniature Bi-Pin
Lamp Finish:Copolymer Coated
Lamp Type:Fluorescent
Length:8.9 in
Lumens:260 Lumens
Shape:T5 Linear
Voltage Rating:42 VAC
Wattage:6 W