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1233BNBA2F34LRAG6XGPC174190011 A

NEMA Size 1 Slimine Pump Panel Ckt-bkr
Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley
Manufacturer part number: 1233-BNB-A2F-3-4LRAG-6XGPC-17-41-90011
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Product Details

Brand Name



Slimine Pump Panel Ckt-bkr


Slimine Pump Panel Ckt bkr,Size 1,120V 60 Hz,NEMA 3R Rainproof,Pump Panel Starter,10HP (Mtr Prt), 125A (Fdr Prt),No Disconnect Type,Instantaneous Trip Standard,E1 Plus Solid State,3 Phase,440/480 VAC 50/60Hz,SMP1,E1+,MRst,Cl20,3.7 12A,With Fuse Cover,2 N.O. 2 N.C.,100 Watt ( 6X),130 VA,Grounded Transformer,None,LED,Red Lens Pos. 1,Amber Lens Pos. 2,Green Lens Pos. 3,No Pilot Light Lens Pos. 4,No Pilot Light Lens Pos. 5


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Circuit Breaker Type:Instantaneous Trip - Standard
Control Voltage:120V 60 Hz
Country of Origin:US
Disconnect Type:No Disconnect Type
Enclosure Type:NEMA 3R Rainproof
Overload Relay:E1 Plus Solid State
Power Rating:10HP (Mtr Prt), 125A (Fdr Prt)
Product Type:Pump Panel Starter
Size:Size 1