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1492LSG2 AB

IEC Sensor Blck 5.1x68x38.5mm Spr Clp
Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley
Manufacturer part number: 1492-LSG2
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Product Details

Brand Name



EC Spring Clamp SensorDistribution Block


Terminal Block, Spring Clamp Connection, Sensor Block, Plug in Distribution Ground Block Internally Jumpered, 5.1 x 12.9 x 17.5 mm (0.20 x 0.50 x 0.69 in), Green/Yellow, Pkg. Qty. of 100, VOLTAGE RATING UR 300V AC/DC, CSA 300V AC/DC, IEC 250V AC/DC


pring Clamp Connection,SensorBlk,Plug-in DistributionGround Blk InternallyJumpered,Green/Yellow,Pkg.Qty. of 100,


Amperage Rating:R - 10A, CSA - 10A, IEC -17.5A
Color:reen / Yellow Stripe(Standard)
Country of Origin:DE
Sub Brand:1492
Terminal Size:.1 x 12.9 x 17.5 mm (0.20 x0.50 x 0.69 in)
Voltage Rating:R - 300V AC/DC, CSA - 300VAC/DC, IEC - 250V AC/DC
Wire Size:R - #26...14 AWG, CSA -#26...14 AWG, IEC - 1.5 mm²