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Ask The Expert: How to Reduce Downtime During Gearbox Failure

Gearboxes can, and will, fail for a variety of reasons. Normal wear and tear, improper gearbox sizing, and lack of regular maintenance are the most common reasons for gearbox failure. Getting your operation back up and running as soon as possible is the highest priority in these high-pressure situations. 

Reduce Downtime during Gearbox Failure

  1. Have CBT peform an Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) to assess the equipment on your plant floor and provide recommendations for citical spares you should have in stock.
  2. Perform regular, routine maintenance on your gearboxes. When you commit to properly maintaining your equipment, you drastically decrease downtime and cost of ownership.
  3. Consider a synthetic oil that can double the time between oil changes.
  4. Implement condition-monitoring such as vibration, temperature, and oil aging sensors. These proactive maintenance tools can help you foresee and eliminate potential breakdowns.

When your gearbox does fail, make sure you have the proper information on-hand when you call into CBT for a replacement. Having your ID tag and a description of how the gearbox is mounted on your application will help expedite the replacement process.

For more guidance on gearbox replacement or repair, reach out to one of our industry experts via chat, phone, or email. 

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