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Ask The Expert: Indeeco and Impedence Heating

Indeeco Impedance Heating

CBT partner Indeeco began in 1929, in St Louis Missouri, where their present HQ is located. Indeeco designs and manufactures highly engineered electric heating solutions for both commercial and industrial markets.They primarily serve the oil and gas, power generation, chemical, food equipment and food manufacturing, pollution control, mlitary, marine and railroad industries. Indeeco manufactures heating elements, fabricates sheet metal, builds electronic controls, and welds ASME pressure vessels, all at one of our two manufacturing facilities, both located in Missouri.


Q: What is Impedance Heating?

A: Impedance heating is a pipe heating solution where the pipe actually becomes the heater. Impedence heating occurs when terminals are attached or welded to each end of a pipe, and a low voltage current is then passed through the pipe. The pipe then acts like its own heating element, and heats whatever material is flowing in the pipe, between the connected terminals.


Q: In What Applications is Impedance Heat Best Suited?

A: Impedance can be used in a variety of applications and industries. Materials we find this system is best used to heat are; asphalt, chocolate, coal tar pitch, crude oil, fuel oil, polymers, sulphur, sweeteners, wax, stearic acid, molten salt, and many miscellaneous slurries. We have successfully installed impedence heating systems in asphalt processing, petrochemicals, power gen utility, refineries, chemical and food processing, and gas processing facilities.

Impedance can be used for heating of critical lines in processing or production, for flowing material that cannot be allowed to solidify. If your material must maintain a certain level of viscosity or freeze protection, impedence heat is ideal for your application.


Q: What Benefits Are There to Impedance Heating Solutions like Electric Heat Trace or Steam Jacketing?

A: Impedance will allow the pipe to be cold start friendly while other heating solutions do not. Impedance heat does not have any leaking jackets (ie. steam), and the temperature range of 15-1600 degrees fahrenheit is far about both heat trace and steam jacketing. Impedance temperature consistency is far greater and eliminates the risk of hot spots.


Q: What is the first step I Should Take if I Think I have an Application for Impedance Heating?

A: The first step is to contact your CBT Account Manager who will work with you to gather the necessary inforamtion to design an impedance heating system. We have a simple data collection sheet that will fast track the process of customizing your design. With impedance heating systems we offer a turn-key solution that will keep your process flowing smoothly and economically.


Glen Baker Indeeco


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