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CBT Partners with Techman Robot

The future is robotic and we’re embracing it. CBT is excited to announce our new partnership with Techman Robot, the  second largest robotic development company in the world, focused on applying technology to enrich human life. CBT will now be your local distributor for the complete TM Robot product line, ensuring a collaborative robotic solution for your application. With this new partnership, CBT has expanded our product offering and knowledge base into the realm of collaborative robots, enhancing the way we do business alongside our customers. According to a recent study by Transparency Market Research, “The enterprise is beginning to embrace the use of robotics in automating daily process, especially in the manufacturing and industrial industries. The increase in automation in these sectors alone is so significant that it will boost the global robotics market to nearly $150 billion by 2025.”

Why Techman?
CBT chose to go forward with Techman Robot due to the unrivaled features and value the TM Robot family can provide our customers. There isn’t an industry or application that couldn’t benefit from a TM Robot working collaboratively with human workers.


TM Robot is equipped with a built-in vision system, which integrates into both the hardware and software perfectly. Many standard robot vision functions are already built into the systems: pattern matching, object localization, image enhancement, barcode reading, color recognition, etc.


No more coding! You do not need a software background to utilize TM Robots. You can implement your automation task with the revolutionary simple-to-use interface on an all-graphic flow chart-based HMI. Traditional wired pendants are a thing of the past. The new interface can easily be operated on PCs, notebooks, and tablets for maximum portability and convenience.


Cobots are very different than the industrial robots we have been exposed to in the past. TM’s collaborative robots are designed to enable people and humans to work alongside one another on one production line or plant floor. Safety has been integrated into the entire robot system, through hardware, software, and operational design. TM Robots present no physical safety threats to their surroundings – all cobots were designed with soft end caps and no sharp edges to facilitate the overall collaborative experience.




Product Brochure (PDF)

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