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Food Safety Data & Analytics – Do You Have What It Takes?


In July of 2020, the FDA announced the blueprint for the New Era of Smarter Food Safety. 

Just to be clear, this does not replace the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), but rather builds upon it, continuing to improve food safety in the US. The New Era of Smarter Food Safety will require food manufacturers and suppliers to upgrade their systems to allow for better traceability of ingredients and finished products. 

There are four core areas to the New Era of Smarter Food Safety:   

  1. Tech-enabled Traceability 

  1. Smarter Tools & Approaches for Prevention & Outbreak Response 

  1. New Business Models & Retail Modernization 

With these new developments, food manufacturers and their equipment suppliers will be challenged to develop tech-enabled solutions for food safety issues within the plant and throughout the supply chain. 

The main goal of the New Era of Smarter Food Safety is to limit foodborne illnesses. Mitigating contamination risks can be accomplished by quickly tracing and eliminating issues throughout the supply chain. Implementing advanced technology will allow producers to isolate problematic products quickly and minimize the chance of contaminants reaching a customer. By embracing this program, food producers will be able to reduce the amount of product recalls and waste.  

CBT is here to help ensure our food manufacturing customers are apprised and prepared to comply with the new FDA regulations. We can assist with designing a robust network infrastructure with necessary and quickly accessible data. Our in-house staff of Network Specialists can provide the hardware and software needed to upgrade the information systems on the production floor. We can also spec hygienically designed components for your plant floor to help increase production and reduce contamination risks.  

No matter your food and beverage needs, our team is here to help! 

Learn more about Food Safety and how CBT can help your business in our newsletter, The Conveyor: Food & Bev edition. 


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