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Increase Energy Efficiency with WEG's W22 Motor Line

Published: Nov 11 2019

The increasing demand for electrical energy to sustain global development requires consistent heavy investments in power supply generation. However, in addition to complex medium and long-term planning, these investments rely on natural resources, which are becoming depleted due to constant pressures upon the environment. The best strategy to maintain energy supply in the short term is to avoid wastage and increase energy efficiency. Electric motors play a major role in this strategy, since around 40% of global energy demand is estimated to be related to electric motor applications. Consequently, any initiatives to increase energy efficient, by using high efficiency electric motors and frequency inverters, are to be welcomed, as they can make a real contribution to reductions in global energy demand.

Using the latest generation of comptuerised tools, such as structural analysis software (finite element analysis) and comptuer fluid dynamics, as well as electrical design optimization software, an innovative – next generation – product has been developed: the W22 motor.


W22 Features:

  • Reduction of noise and vibration levels
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint compliant with EISA 2007
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compatibility with presen & future generations of frequency inverters
  • Flexible and modular design



WEG W22 Cooling Tower Direct Drive System

WEG W22 Cooling Tower Drain Positions

WEG W22 Cooling Tower Literature

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