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Perceptiv™ Services Alerts Steel Mill to Torque Spikes

Perceptiv™ Services Alerts Steel Mill to Torque Spikes



A Michigan-based steel mill installed a new gear reducer on a roughing mill due to damage to the previous reducer. The mill was concerned that transient and steady-state torsional loads transmitted through the previous gear reducer may have exceeded its design limits. Transient torque spikes can last only a few milliseconds but can cause damage to equipment downstream and occur too quickly to be detected measuring only motor current.



In order to prevent damage to the new reducer, the mill utilized Perceptiv solutions to install torque sensors on the spindles of two mill stands. Using a custom data acquisition system, transient torque data was continuously recorded, monitored, and analyzed by the Perceptiv team as the mill operated. The initial diagnostic test confirmed the mill was operating within the design limits of the new gear reducer. The customer then requested the Perceptiv team to continue monitoring peak torque and waveform data and provide weekly reports to help identify any transient torque events.



Benefits Seen by the Plants Included 

  • Over $2M Cost Avoidance – Avoided catastrophic damage to equipment by planning timely maintenance. 

  • Optimized Equipment Reliability – Measured torque magnitudes and compared to equipment capacities in real-time. 

  • Enhanced Maintenance Practices – Improved maintenance strategies with access to key torque trend data. 

  • Reduced Inspection Labor Costs – Weekly reports pinpointed problems and led to targeted inspections. 

  • Transition to Proactive Maintenance – Achieved the next level of reliability where repair work can be planned and scheduled efficiently. 




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