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To Remanufacture or Repair? That is the Question


The most common challenges we face in the manufacturing industry are to reduce downtime and reduce MRO spend. So, where do we start?  Sometimes the smallest change can make the largest impacts.  Equipment repairs can seem like a simple and straightforward process – we have broken parts that need to be fixed. How can something so simple make such a big difference? Let’s look at the big picture. What we hear most when discussing product repairs: 

  •  It needs to be inexpensive 

  •  It needs to be quick 

  •  I just want the broken part fixed 

In a down situation, every minute equates to a financial loss, and you want to stop the "bleeding" as soon as possibleHowever, when you simply repair your broken part, you are slapping a band aid on the problem rather than thinking about longevity and reliability. 

CBT and Rockwell Automation have partnered to provide a remanufacturing service, not just a temporary repair fix. The difference between the two solutions is unlike a part repair, with a remanufactured part you receive revision updates, OEM specified components, OEM functional testing, and a robust warranty.  In fact, you are extending the life of your equipment and the part is returned in like-new condition. 

Surveys show that using non-authorized repair vendors can result in three times the failure rate compared to products remanufactured by Rockwell Automation. Let’s break that down: 


A-B Remanufacturing 

TPM Repair Service 

Number of Failures Per Year 



Average Cost of Repair 



Annual Cost of Repair 



Annual Reworks 



Downtime Costs/Rework 



Annual Downtime Costs 



Real Total Cost of Repair 



Real Average Cost of Repair 



Turnaround Time

CBT and Rockwell have three options for manufactured parts:  priority exchange, standard, and economy. Each come with different turnaround times and different warranties, depending on your needs. 

Economy – This is a two to three-week turnaround and is a true remanufacture of your part. Once your part is received, it will undergo a 7-step remanufacturing process before being returned to you. A 12-month warranty is included with this option. 

Standard – Leverages the exchange HUB inventory that is strategically located around the world, and requires the core to be recived first. If there is no core available in the HUB inventory, your unit is moved to the front of the remanufacturing line. The turnaround time is typically 3-5 days after receipt at Rockwell. This option includes an 18-month warranty for the unit. 

Priority – Also leverages the exchange HUB inventory. You will be shipped a part Next Day Air (included), and free return shipping on your failed unit. 24-month warranty on your entire unit included in the upfront cost.

Remanufacturing Process

RA Remanufacturing Process

CBT and Rockwell realize that this is not your typical low-cost solution, but the value it brings your plant and your production truly offsets the cost. Rather than repairing outdated and overused equipment, we will replacunusable parts with like new, reliable parts. These parts will be OEM specifiedwill reduce your overall expense and down time, reduce your carbon footprint, increase the life of your equipment, and ultimately reduce your MTTR (mean time to repair). 

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