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Safe Handling of Small, Delicate Products

Published: May 5 2021



Series 560 belting is Intralox’s new high-strength tight transfer belt for seamless transfers. With its 0.315-in (8-mm) pitch and Flush Grid and Flat Top surfaces, S560 belting is the ideal choice for handling any small or delicate products across different industries and applications. 


Design Features  

  • 0.315-in (8-mm) pitch and 0.236-in (6-mm) diameter nosebar wrap  

  • Two belt styles to choose from: Flat Top and Flush Grid 

  • Available in two materials:  

  • Acetal, with a temperature range of -50°F to 200°F (-46°C to 93°C)  

  • LMAR, a new high-heat-resistant nylon material with a temperature range of -50°F to 290°F (-45°C to 143°C) and flame resistant rate: V2  

  • Positive tracking with superior sprocket engagement 

  • Exposed rods and open channels allow easy water access during cleaning  


  • Modular construction provides quick and easy repairs, reducing maintenance-related downtime 

  • Gentle product handling reduces product damage, improving overall yield  

  • Flush Grid surface allows for cooling and draining  

  • Flat Top surface ensures small packaged products remain upright and properly oriented  

  • Suitable for different production steps, such as machinery infeed and outfeed, product transfer, or product handling within the machine 


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