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Thank You for a Great 2019 - A Letter from Mr. Stahl

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Associates, and Friends of CBT,

      In 2019, we have enjoyed some very exciting achievements. Our Belting Department had a fantastic year of growth and new successes. We have spent this past year expanding and adapting our products and services to meet the changing needs of our customers and the industry. We added new equipment at the end of last year that has allowed our belt technicians to produce custom belts in-house. This has resulted in dramatically reduced turnaround time allowing us to get you up-and-running faster than ever. Our field service capabilities have been improved and with our new presses, we can now vulcanize belts up to three meters wide. CBT truly is a one-stop shop for your belting needs.
      Our Client Services Group added service offerings that help our customer reduce downtime and operating costs, increase throughput, and improve safety. Our application specialists are working diligently to provide these services to our customers. Our plans are to increasingly expand our client service offerings to correspond with today’s evolving technology, as well as the wants and needs of our customers.
      Additionally, all three of CBT’s locations have had a great year. The Automation portion of our business has been successful due to the addition of the new service engineers, as well as the high-tech products we are now offering. Believe it or not, our automation line-up now includes collaborative robots and a completely hands-free wearable computer helmet. The next wave of manufacturing is here and we’re extremely excited to see this new technology put to work.
      Our B2B website is also prospering. We have streamlined invoicing and quoting processes to help our customers receive the products they need, when and where they need them. More and more of our customers have commented on how our ever-evolving site has helped them. Our IT team is visiting with customers to better understand their wants and needs and, in-turn, make our site easier to use with their input and requests.
To Our Customers: Thank you for your business! We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work for you. If we ever forget to express our appreciation, I apologize. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.
To Our Suppliers: Thank you for your continued support and direction. We are proud to partner with you.
To All at CBT: Congratulations on being recognized by the business community for your efforts and all that you do to make CBT a very successful company.
      In closing, allow me to extend to each of you the peace of Christ at Christmas. Enjoy Christmas by spending quality time with your friends and family, not just exchanging gifts, but sharing friendships and blessings. Somehow touch those less fortunate in our community. Try a simpler Christmas so that others can simply enjoy Christmas.
P.S. Our eight grandchildren are doing just great! The oldest is a second-grade teacher, her younger sister is a banker, three are in college (one in Spain), two are in high shool, and the youngest is in middle school.


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