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Thank You for a Wonderful Year, A Letter from Jim Stahl


Dear Customers, Suppliers, Associates, and Friends of CBT, 


We are wrapping up the last days of our 100-year anniversary, it is hard to believe! I truly want to thank you all for your continued trust and confidence in CBT. It is humbling to work with you every day.  One of the highlights of the year was our Centennial Showcase where we had over 700 people in attendance. Everyone was able to see the latest technology, plant floor services, and solutions that CBT offers alongside our trusted partners.   


2021 was a challenging year with Covid and the supply chain issues that developed, but our team worked incredibly hard to find ways to help our customers achieve their goals regardless of the obstacles. The ongoing global supply chain issues continue to evolve, but fortunately, CBT was built for this challenge! Our team has always worked closely with our suppliers to ensure our customers have the products they need to keep their business running. Even though in 2021 on-time delivery became more difficult than ever before, I was proud to see our entire organization step up to the challenge.  Constant communication, forecasting, substitutions, and an investment in the correct inventory will continue to be the keys to success as we work through this unprecedented supply chain disruption. We need to be working together now on 2022 needs, to ensure CBT has what you need when you need it. 


The CBT family continued to grow in 2021 and we now have 269 team members total across the three branches. That is a mindboggling jump from the 6 people total we had in 1975 when I bought the company!  Our people are what set us apart and it is exciting to see the greater CBT family continue to grow. We are working hard to better understand our customer's challenges and provide solutions for their pain points, from helping to increase throughput, decrease downtime, improve safety, and reduce operating costs. How can we help you?  


What does 2022 look like for CBT? Services and technology will continue to be a focus for us into 2022. We are assisting customers by providing network and Operational Technology solutions, bringing advanced engineering and application specialists to solve their toughest problems, and helping to drive technology into each area of the plant floor from remote monitoring solutions to robotics. We know we can help you, don’t be afraid to call us! 


To Our Customers: Thank you for your business! Our goal is to be your best business partner. We truly wish you success in 2022 and look forward to serving you for many years in the future. 


To Our Suppliers: Thank you for your continued partnership, it is an honor to work by your side. 


To All at CBT: Your efforts and hard work have produced record results. Thank you for all you do, every day, to help us be our customers’ best business partner. 


In closing, allow me to extend each of you the peace of the season. Enjoy by spending quality time with your friends and family, not just exchanging gifts, but sharing friendships and blessings. Somehow help those less fortunate in our communities. 


- Jim Stahl


P.S.  Our eight grandchildren are doing well.  We had two graduations this year, one from college and one from high school.  In 2022, we will do it again, leaving one in high school, 3 in college, and 4 in the working world.   

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