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The Power of Space - Bussman CUBEFuse™


Prioritizing safety while maximizing panel space can present quite the challenge. The Bussmann™ Series Low-Peak™ CUBEFuse™ delivers the smallest footprint compared to any Class CC, J, or RK fuse solution, requiring up to 70% less space when combined with its unique fuse holder or UL 98 Listed Compact Circuit Protector switch.

In addition to having the smallest footprint of any Class CC, J, or Rk fuse solution, the Bussman series Low-Peak CUBEFuse is the only product included in the UL Class CF. It's a current-limiting, dual-element, time-delay branch circuit fuse with Class J electrical performance. It also features industry-first plug-in capability for easier installation.

The finger-safe CUBEFuse is available in both indicating and non-indicating versions, with the indicating version featuring easyID™ open fuse technology for faster troubleshooting and reduced downtime.

The CUBEFuse is easily applied with CUBEFuse holders, Compact Circuit Protector switches or the Compact Circuit Protector Base.


Product Brochure [PDF]

Datasheet [PDF]

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