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Top OEM Challenges in 2020


We are in the midst of the next industrial revolution. The creation and implementation of predictive maintenance technologies, robot collaboration, smart machines, and industrial networks has forever changed the way we manufacture goods and services. Learning how to adapt and implement these new practices while also adjusting business goals and operating standards to comply with COVID19 safety standards presents quite the challenge for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).  

Manufacturing Skills Gap 

For years we have seen the continued misalignment between the skills the incoming workforce skills, and the manufacturing industry skills demand. This “skills gap” presents a challenge as business owners attempt to teach incoming talent the skillset needed as older generations transition out of the workforce.  

CBT has the resources to train your new employees and assist where your training programs may lack. Our team of knowledgeable engineers can customize new processes and design complete systems tailored to your needs. Perceptive technology can also step in where your team cannot by giving you a heads up on equipment failure and maintenance. 

Supply Chain Disruption 

Sourcing a wide range of raw materials can be quite the headache for many OEMs as they try to fight cost fluctuations and supply chain issues. CBT partners with the best suppliers in the industry to help minimize price fluctuation and address volatility around raw material costs. We have an open line of communication among our suppliers and customers to ensure we are analyzing the supply forecast for commodity-based products. Stock items are available at all three CBT locations allowing for quick shipment and even on-site pick up. If reshoring items is a priority for your business, we can develop a customized solution for your application to limit supply chain disruptions importing overseas. 

Lean Manufacturing 

Increasing productivity and efficiency can help OEMs stay competitive in the market. Inventory analysis can reduce waste and implementing an inventory planning process can continue to keep costs down. CBT’s comprehensive Storeroom Management Program will take your storeroom from unorganized and unaccounted for, to a stocked and labeled organized systemCBT also can work to ensure efficiencies within WIP (Work in Process) inventory. Kitting capabilities are another CBT service that will increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary inventory. Our B2B site can help manage your inventory and streamline communication through project lists that can be shared amongst your company and your CBT account team.   

CBT has helped OEMlarge and small work through their operational challenges while increasing efficiency. Contact us today to learn how we can help you too. 


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