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The True Cost of Gray Market Products

gray market risks


If You Aren’t Discussing the Impact of Grey Market Products With Your Team, You Should Be

Today’s global economy provides the ability to purchase goods broadly on the internet. More frequently, customers are informing us that products purchased through non-Allen Bradley authorized distributors are displaying a variety of detrimental characteristics. CBT wants you to know this is happening in the market and the risks of grey market products are real. We have seen, first-hand, the implications counterfeit products can have on the network and cyber security systems responsible for protecting the integrity of a business, and the functionality of the complex control systems within the machinery they are installed in.

Buyers are being misled to believe they are receiving authentic and warrantied products, however what they are receiving is actually quite alarming. Some of these discoveries are:

  • Old and out of warranty products being sold as new
  • Repaired products being sold as new
  • Convincingly made counterfeits with “authentic” branding being sold as genuine products.
  • PC boards with incorrect and tampered firmware
  • PC boards with unidentifiable chips that have been repaired overseas
  • Products made for foreign markets being sold as a US product.

Rockwell Automation diligently safeguards its customers and brands through strict supply chain management and a focus on product authenticity.  By exclusively selling their products through its network of authorized distributors, Rockwell helps ensure CBT’s customers receive new, genuine products that have full-factory warranties and support.

CBT is working closely with customers to identify counterfeit products before they cause disruption and sometimes irreversible damage to employees, machinery, productivity, and customer relationships. We guarantee that all products sourced through our company are authentic and reliable with full warranties. The health of your operations and business depends on it.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us to learn more. We’re here to help.


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