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Where Should My Take-Ups Be?

Take-Ups are an integral part of proper conveyor belt operation and maintenance. Take-Ups align conveyor tracks while adjusting and maintaining the tension of your belts. Knowing where to initially place your take-ups can be a confusing step in the belt installation process, but by following these few simple steps, you can properly place your take-ups to increase belt life and decrease downtime.

Three Main Purposes of Conveyor Take-Ups:

  1. Adjust the conveyor to different lengths of the belt. Take-Ups account for stretching and shrinking and misalignment of the conveyor and belt.
  2. Take-Ups are the most commonly used belt tracking mechanism.
  3. Precisely tension the belt.

Take-Ups should be 30-40% across the conveyor width. If the belt stretches over time you will need to be able to remove the pulley and replace to the new 30-40% width. Remember to take stretching into consideration. If the lacing or the belt is damaged, you can shorten the belt and move the take-up in. If the take-up was placed on the outside edges of the conveyor there would be for fluctuation and no room to move the take-up while repairing the belt in the future. If your belt misaligns or you notice sagging and/or pulling to one side, your take-ups need to be removed and replaced in the correct spot.

For more information on take-up bearings, frames, and installation please reach out to your CBT Account Manager or Belting Specialist.

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