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CHIP SHOTS: "The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get"

Picture for category CHIP SHOTS: "The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get"

In February 1987, Jim Stahl visited the Havard Business School to continue to learn about running a business. Take a peek at his trip in this throwback edition of Chip Shots.

Chip Shots: Golf Today vs. The Ol' Days

Picture for category Chip Shots: Golf Today vs. The Ol' Days

 The game of golf has changed immensely over the years. While the conditions are still beautiful, we have high-tech golf equipment, balls that go further, and increasingly difficult and longer courses. Perhaps one of today’s changes that has caused golfers to reminisce about the good ol' days is the pace of play. It is often argued that a round of golf takes too much time. Why is play so slow? It used to take three to three and a half hours to play. Today it takes close to five hours. No one seems to know for certain, but my best guess is television. When you watch golf tournaments on TV and see players not ready to play when it is his turn or see him vacillate over club selection, it is not difficult to see why play time has increased over the years. John Gerring always taught that the player should be ready when it is his turn to play. 

The Return of Chip Shots

Picture for category The Return of Chip Shots

After more than a few years of requests, I have agreed to come back with Chip Shots. This column appeared in a newsletter we did for around eight to 10 years that covered what was happening at CBT and at some of the companies for whom we are a distributor. In Chip Shots, I wrote about golf and what was happening in the golf world. Fortunately, now I have the assistance of our marketing staff and their talents. We are anxious to hear your feedback! A lot has happened in the last few years in the world of golf. I will not rehash a lot of “old” news, but I will bring you up-to-date on some of the great players and where they are today.