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Incentivize Your Lighting Project With Rebates From Duke Energy And DP&L

Picture for category Incentivize Your Lighting Project With Rebates From Duke Energy And DP&L

Duke Energy lighting rebate overview.[/caption] Lighting plays an important role in creating a work environment that's both pleasant and productive – and it's a big part of your electric bill. That's why it pays to install high-efficiency lighting systems. You'll lower your operating costs while maintaining adequate lighting levels. New, energy-efficient lighting technologies provide direct or indirect lighting. Best of all, they use up to 30 percent less energy than standard fluorescent lighting equipment.

WHITEPAPER: Key Considerations For Selecting An Arc Flash Relay

Picture for category WHITEPAPER: Key Considerations For Selecting An Arc Flash Relay

Arc flash relays are an effective defense against dangerous arc flash events, and the decision to include such a relay in a design is an easy one. Selecting the right relay for your application can be challenging. According to OSHA, industrial arc flash events cause approximately 80 percent of electrically-related accidents and fatalities among qualified electrical workers. Even if personnel injuries are avoided, arc flash can destroy equipment, resulting in costly replacement and downtime. In response, many designers are adding arc flash relays to electrical systems. 

How Modern LOTO Procedures Increase Efficiency

Picture for category How Modern LOTO Procedures Increase Efficiency

This post by Jimi Michalscheck, of ESC Services, Rockwell Automation, originally appeared in the The Journal From Rockwell Automation. Many wonder how a modern lockout/tagout (LOTO) solution can actually improve production. While the answer differs in each industry, there are commonalities across all of them. I will first describe these shared traits, then target the printing sector more specifically, because LOTO efficiency is a common question lately from this industry. 

CASE STUDY: Mustard Maker Finds LED Solution

Picture for category CASE STUDY: Mustard Maker Finds LED Solution

At the G.S. Dunn quality control and inspection facility in Hamilton, Ontario, light quality and accuracy is a primary concern to ensure the company’s dry mustard products meet its stringent standards. As part of a strategic plan to optimize visibility and reduce energy consumption, the company looked to its current high-wattage metal halide lighting system as a potential area for improvement. Recently, the company replaced 18 of its 450W metal halide units with Dialight’s high-efficiency DuroSite LED High Bay fixtures and gained not only superior color rendering, but also significant cost and energy savings to align with the company’s fiscal and sustainability goals.

Neutralize Hazards With Warehouse Guardrail

Picture for category Neutralize Hazards With Warehouse Guardrail

Guardrails are an important addition to your plant floor to protect structural platforms, in-plant offices, conveyors, water mains, valuable equipment, and, most importantly, workers. Heartland Engineered Products Saf-T-Rail is easy to install and comes with all hardware included. 

Lighting Up Your Facility With CBT

Picture for category Lighting Up Your Facility With CBT

More than 75% of the nation's 5 million commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings were built before the introduction of many groundbreaking, energy-efficient technologies currently available. Proper lighting can enhance task performance and improve the appearance of an area in addition to providing substantial cost savings. CBT's team of dedicated lighting specialists is working to educate area manufacturers about current incentives and emerging technology that will make your facility more efficient. CBT's turn-key lighting solution takes the hassle out of relighting your facility. With help from our lighting experts, you can enjoy the cost saving benefits of new, energy-efficient lighting without having to worry about material scheduling, contractor management, or rebate administration. CBT will guide you through the entire five-step process and help show the return on an investment in lighting.

Compliance Alert: GHS Deadline Today

Picture for category Compliance Alert: GHS Deadline Today

In 2012, OSHA adopted the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification labeling of chemicals into its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS 2012). This standard aims to keep your employees safe by making it easy for workers to identify potentially hazardous chemicals and the risks associated with those chemicals. Each year, employers struggle to comply with this standard and are cited by OSHA for a violation.