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How To Install A Baldor Dodge ISAF Roller Bearing

Picture for category How To Install A Baldor Dodge ISAF Roller Bearing

The Baldor-Dodge hydraulic ISAF mounted spherical roller bearing is a heavy-duty, large-bore plummer block bearing with a patented, integral hydraulic adapter-mounted installation and removal system that makes this bearing easy to mount and dismount. Standard SAF bearings with all of their pieces and parts are cumbersome and time-consuming to install, often resulting in improper bearing clearance, which leads to reduced bearing life. 

NEMA To Host Motor Efficiency Regulation Webinars

Picture for category NEMA To Host Motor Efficiency Regulation Webinars

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Motor & Generator Section will host a second series of free webinars in December related to the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) motor regulation, which will take effect on June 1, 2016. DOE recently amended Section 431 of the federal energy code covering the efficiency of electric motors. The NEMA Motor & Generator Section created a presentation detailing how coverage of electric motors will change in the new regulation. 

Hevi-Rail Handles Your Heavy-Duty Applications

Picture for category Hevi-Rail Handles Your Heavy-Duty Applications

An ideal solution for extreme high-load capacities and industrial-strength handling applications, PBC Linear's Hevi-Rail is a heavy-duty linear bearing system for medium to low precision applications. This cost-effective system is easy to mount, align, and use. High radial and axial load capacities ensure a long and productive life under continuous use. This makes the Hevi-Rail guide system a perfect solution for custom lift units, lift trucks, and heavy load applications in the aerospace, paper, steel, and coil industries. The Hevi-Rail system includes combined bearings, profile rails, clamp flanges, and flange plates.

WEBINAR: Understand NEMA, IEC Standards & Certifications

Picture for category WEBINAR: Understand NEMA, IEC Standards & Certifications

CBT partner Baldor Electric Company will be featured in a Chemical Processing Magazine webinar at 2:00 p.m. Thursday, August 20. The webinar, Understanding NEMA and IEC Standards and Certifications for Hazardous Areas, will focus on the differences between NEMA and IEC motor standards and the terminology used by each authority for hazardous areas. According to Chemincal Processing Magazine, 26 percent of the global market uses NEMA low voltage motors, while the remaining 74 percent of the market uses IEC motors.

THROWBACK: Lovejoy Deltaflex Couplings

Picture for category THROWBACK: Lovejoy Deltaflex Couplings

May 1987, CBT (then known as Cincinnati Belting & Transmission) featured our partnership with Lovejoy in our monthly newsletter. The page displayed an ad for Lovejoy's Deltaflex couplings:

With the help of a Deltaflex coupling, even badly misaligned components can deliver the same efficiency and performance as perfectly aligned ones do. And it's all because of Deltaflex's unique, double engaging flex link patented design. It allows Deltaflex to accommodate substantially greater angular (six degrees), parallel, and axial shaft misalignment with no vibration, backlash, or heavy reaction loads on shaft bearings.

What to Consider When Choosing a Motor Enclosure

Picture for category What to Consider When Choosing a Motor Enclosure

You’ve configured the perfect speed, horsepower, and power supply for your motor’s application. Have you thought about your motor enclosure? Motor enclosures not only house the motor’s moving components, but also provide protection for the motor. The right enclosure ensures optimal performance and reliability. It also helps protect your employees from the motor. In addition to the size and configuration of the motor, the environment, cooing method, and industry codes may influence the type of motor enclosure necessary for your application.