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Train At Your Desk With Virtual Classroom

Picture for category Train At Your Desk With Virtual Classroom

Looking for a quick, convenient, affordable way to bring your skill set up-to-date? CBT partner Rockwell Automation offers interactive virtual training through its Virtual Classroom. These live, instructor-led courses are delivered using WebEx technology to provide students with all the benefits of classroom instruction, straight to your desktop. This array of presentation platforms and techniques allows for the precise learning of even the most complex material. Each Virtual Classroom course is truly interactive, offering attendees the best in hands-on remote training. 

HATW: City, DRMA Host Manufacturing Summer Camp

Picture for category HATW: City, DRMA Host Manufacturing Summer Camp

Heard Around the Warehouse is a monthly compilation of news from CBT partners and key headlines from the manufacturing industry. See something we missed? Let us know!


City, DRMA team up to host manufacturing summer camp

WHITEPAPER: Managing Your Automation Risks

Picture for category WHITEPAPER: Managing Your Automation Risks

According to the ARC Advisory Group, the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure, more than $65 billion of automation products in operation today are reaching the end of their useful life. The same study also found that 58 percent of users acknowledge having no formal plan for managing the lifecycle of their equipment. As technology continues to advance, the supply of older product is reduced. Replacing obsolete parts with like product, assuming it is still produced, often results in long lead times, higher costs, and declining service and support levels. CBT and Rockwell Automation are ready to help you identify and reduce your automation obsolescence risks with LifeCycle Services. Download this free whitepaper to learn more about the three-step process to minimize your risks.

Chip Shots: Golf Today vs. The Ol' Days

Picture for category Chip Shots: Golf Today vs. The Ol' Days

 The game of golf has changed immensely over the years. While the conditions are still beautiful, we have high-tech golf equipment, balls that go further, and increasingly difficult and longer courses. Perhaps one of today’s changes that has caused golfers to reminisce about the good ol’ days is the pace of play. It is often argued that a round of golf takes too much time. Why is play so slow? It used to take three to three and a half hours to play. Today it takes close to five hours. No one seems to know for certain, but my best guess is television. When you watch golf tournaments on TV and see players not ready to play when it is his turn or see him vacillate over club selection, it is not difficult to see why play time has increased over the years. John Gerring always taught that the player should be ready when it is his turn to play. 

Belting Service Team Up To Challenge

Picture for category Belting Service Team Up To Challenge

CBT’s experienced team of belting technicians is ready to help you solve your most challenging belting applications to keep your facility running smoothly. In addition to CBT’s complete line of belting products for power transmission and conveying requirements, we offer an in-house conveyor belt shop, allowing CBT the ability to service you at our facility or yours.

Lighting Up Your Facility With CBT

Picture for category Lighting Up Your Facility With CBT

More than 75% of the nation’s 5 million commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings were built before the introduction of many groundbreaking, energy-efficient technologies currently available. Proper lighting can enhance task performance and improve the appearance of an area in addition to providing substantial cost savings. CBT’s team of dedicated lighting specialists is working to educate area manufacturers about current incentives and emerging technology that will make your facility more efficient. CBT’s turn-key lighting solution takes the hassle out of relighting your facility. With help from our lighting experts, you can enjoy the cost saving benefits of new, energy-efficient lighting without having to worry about material scheduling, contractor management, or rebate administration. CBT will guide you through the entire five-step process and help show the return on an investment in lighting.

Local Economy Ranks High For Manufacturing

Picture for category Local Economy Ranks High For Manufacturing

Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky earned high marks in an annual manufacturing report, demonstrating the strength of the manufacturing and logistics industry in the tri-state area. Conexus Indiana and Ball State Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) released their annual Manufacturing & Logistics Report Card last month, grading each state in several areas of the economy that affect the success of manufacturing and logistics, including the health of the manufacturing and logistics industries, the state of human capital, the cost of worker benefits, diversification of the industries, state-level productivity and innovation, expected fiscal liability, the state climate, and global reach.

R.A. Jones Gains Competitive Advantage

Picture for category R.A. Jones Gains Competitive Advantage

ncreasing throughput, reducing energy use, and reducing operating and maintenance costs are three approaches packaging companies often take to gain a competitive advantage. While most companies tackle one approach at a time, R.A. Jones took on all three with the help of CBT and Rockwell Automation. R.A. Jones recently redesigned its Legacy 3 small center cartoner to help its customers that needed a faster throughput while keeping maintenance and energy costs low. CBT put R.A. Jones in touch with Rockwell Automation’s engineering team to develop an iTRAK solution.