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CBT To Move HQ In 2016

Picture for category CBT To Move HQ In 2016

After an extensive two-year search, CBT Company, a leading local supplier of automation, power transmission, electrical supplies, belting and pneumatics solutions and related services, announced today that it will move its headquarters to 5500 Ridge Ave., Columbia Township, in the third quarter of 2016. CBT, formerly Cincinnati Belting & Transmission, was quickly outgrowing its West 6th Street facility, so leadership began searching in 2013 for a new location that could support its expanded product and service offerings for the next 30 years. A site within 10 miles of its current location, close proximity to major highways and a single-floor facility were key requirements for the new location to support a seamless transition for CBT’s customers and employees.

Diagnose Your Safety Program

Picture for category Diagnose Your Safety Program

A safe workplace for your employees improves productivity, efficiencies, and employee morale. In Diagnose Your Safety Program, Rockwell Automation Programs Manager Steve Ludwig addresses how you can evaluate and measure your safety program based on safety culture, procedures, and technologies. Improve productivity, efficiencies, and employee moral with Ludwig's assessment scale and improvement plan.

What to Consider When Choosing a Motor Enclosure

Picture for category What to Consider When Choosing a Motor Enclosure

You’ve configured the perfect speed, horsepower, and power supply for your motor’s application. Have you thought about your motor enclosure? Motor enclosures not only house the motor’s moving components, but also provide protection for the motor. The right enclosure ensures optimal performance and reliability. It also helps protect your employees from the motor. In addition to the size and configuration of the motor, the environment, cooing method, and industry codes may influence the type of motor enclosure necessary for your application.

What Is The Connected Enterprise?

Picture for category What Is The Connected Enterprise?

With competition on the rise, the need for manufacturers to improve what and how information is shared is at an all-time high. Better information sharing drives better decision making, exposes inefficiencies, and sparks collaboration. Rockwell Automation’s Connected Enterprise aims to bring together plant floor operations technology with business level information technology, converting information into data that drives better decisions.

Flexco Cleaner Extends Belt Life

Picture for category Flexco Cleaner Extends Belt Life

In December 2014, Flexco launched the FGP Food Grade Precleaner, one of the only belt cleaners on the market that has been certified by the USDA for use in meat, poultry, and dairy operations. Food processors have enjoyed extensive benefits of the easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain cleaner that disassembles in a snap for regular cleaning and sanitization. The FGP Precleaner works on any belt from four inches to 60 inches, and the blade is available in both white and blue FDA approved food grade material.

The Return of Chip Shots

Picture for category The Return of Chip Shots

After more than a few years of requests, I have agreed to come back with Chip Shots. This column appeared in a newsletter we did for around eight to 10 years that covered what was happening at CBT and at some of the companies for whom we are a distributor. In Chip Shots, I wrote about golf and what was happening in the golf world. Fortunately, now I have the assistance of our marketing staff and their talents. We are anxious to hear your feedback! A lot has happened in the last few years in the world of golf. I will not rehash a lot of “old” news, but I will bring you up-to-date on some of the great players and where they are today.

Timken Creates Smooth Operation

Picture for category Timken Creates Smooth Operation

Timken is pioneering a spherical revolution with a full bearing portfolio, global manufacturing consistency, local availability, and a better design perfected over half a century.

Compliance Alert: GHS Deadline Today

Picture for category Compliance Alert: GHS Deadline Today

In 2012, OSHA adopted the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification labeling of chemicals into its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS 2012). This standard aims to keep your employees safe by making it easy for workers to identify potentially hazardous chemicals and the risks associated with those chemicals. Each year, employers struggle to comply with this standard and are cited by OSHA for a violation.