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CBT's New Lighting Certified Professional

CBT is excited to announce that one of our very own was recently recognized as a Lighting Certified Professional by the National Council of Qualifications for the Lighting Professionals (NCQLP). CBT is the only local industrial distributor with a Lighting Certified Professional (LCP) on their team. Jason Self has been with CBT for 4 years and has 21 years of experience in the industry providing customers with electrical supply solutions.

According to the NCQLP, lighting is the single most important element in the visual environment. Effective lighting improves productivity, strengthens security, reduces safety risks, and boosts morale. Lighting consumes up to 40 percent of energy used in our building, and a well-designed lighting system reduces energy, maintenance, and potential liability costs. As the lighting industry becomes more saturated, the need to recognize industry-leading experts against a uniform set of standards has greatly increased. The NCQLP addresses multiple issues such as safety, health, productivity, energy conservation and effectiveness, environmental concerns, governmental policy, lighting technology, and competent, knowledgeable lighting practices.

The process of becoming a Lighting Certified Professional is extensive. In order to better serve our customers, Jason submitted numerous letters of recommendation along with documentation of the industry expertise required to be considered a LCP. Jason then took a rigorous exam lasting four hours, covering all aspects of the lighting industry and real-life case studies applicable to the same working environments as many of our customers. The process of becoming an LCP is extensive. There are only a select few LCP's regionally, and even nationally, who have achieved this title. We are extremely proud of the work Jason has put in and know that his years of experience and knowledge in the lighting industry, accompanied with his new accreditation from the NCQLP, will take his lighting service capabilities to new heights.

Jason can not only assess your current lighting situation, but recommend with extensive knowledge, the proper LED lighting upgrades to better suit your facility. Jason can walk you through the retrofitting process, assist you with lighting rebate forms, and recommend proper disposal for your outdated lamps and ballasts. Upfront costs may be deterring you from facility lighting upgrades, but the benefits drastically outweigh the costs. When you choose to properly illuminate your facility you are improving safety, reducing margin of error, and being considerate of employee health and wellness, all while drastically reducing operating costs and energy consumption.

If outdated lighting is hindering your plants productivity, or if you are interested in a solution that will reduce your utility costs, call Jason and our team of lighting specialists today.

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