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Enhancing Industrial Networking Efficiency with CBT Specialists


A leading manufacturer of over-the-counter health and wellness solutions was facing networking issues in 2020 with its remote IO and variable frequency drives communicating on DeviceNet and ControlNet protocols. To address these challenges, the company sought the expertise of CBT Specialists, who have assisted the manufacturer with previous projects before. The team undertook a comprehensive networking overhaul, including installing a networking backbone and the implementation of a Device Level Ring, which ensured seamless communication in the event of a malfunction.


Improving Networking Capabilities

CBT Specialists undertook the task of improving the manufacturer’s networking capabilities. The team installed a networking backbone, which interconnects different networks. A Device Level Ring was also put in place to ensure fluid communication in the event of a malfunction. This solution enabled communication from two ends, ensuring that in the event of a malfunction, there is an uninterrupted switchover.


Animated Human-Machine Interface

As part of the networking overhaul, CBT Specialists examined the plant floor's pipes and tanks, which are used to turn liquid into powder, such as baby formula. Previously, the depiction of the tanks and pipes on the HMI screens was static. The team transformed them into an animated object that shows the product that is running through the pipes at a particular time. This transformation provides a visual aid for the operators and helps them to see that there is a product running through specific pipes.


Reduced Downtime

Downtime was significantly reduced after the networking overhaul was completed. Before converting to Ethernet, the manufacturer was continually experiencing communication problems, such as devices dropping off the network, which required troubleshooting. However, since the hardware's installation communication has been superb.


Key Results

The partnership between the manufacturer and CBT Company has brought significant improvements to the company's industrial networking infrastructure. The networking overhaul resulted in a more responsive Human-Machine Interface, improved connection speeds, and significantly reduced downtime.


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