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CHIP SHOTS: A Historical 2015 In Golf

Chip Shots 2015 will be remembered for some almost historical moments in the history of golf. Tiger Woods' reign in golf stopped abruptly in 2015. It had been hanging by a thread for several years, and we watched as his body just shut down and his golf game left him.

Young Talent Excites Golf Fans

Just as Woods began to stumble, two young golfers in their 20s named Jordan Spieth and Jason Day came to the front and offered enormous excitement and talent. Spieth won the Masters and then followed up by winning the U.S. Open. But for some great play by Rickie Fowler in the Players Championship and Day in the PGA Championship, and then a missed putt on the 17th in the final round of the British Open, Spieth could have run the table. I predict great success for Spieth and Day in 2016. There are many other young talented golfers on the PGA Tour and many will become winners. But the big question will be what happens to Woods in 2016.

Can Woods Return in 2016?

Spieth and Day are great golfers, but Woods achieved goals only Jack Nicklaus holds. Nicklaus has won 18 major golf championships. Woods has 14. Woods turned 40 years old on January 6, and even he does not know when he will pick up a golf club again. His body and his golf game are in limbo right now. No one wants to write him off just yet, but is it too late to be hopeful about his future? Nicklaus considered retiring at age 40. His game was in shambles and he knew how hard he had to work to resurrect his game. With the advice of his wife and his longtime golf teacher, Jack Grout, Nicklous did fix his game and went on to win three more major championships. His 18th, and perhaps most memorable he would say, was winning the Masters at age 46 in 1986. The world will have to wait for Woods' possible return. Twenty years ago, he started out headed for mystic status, but now is just a man with huge successes (and a few failures) waiting to see if he can return to a game that he made famous.

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