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COVID 19 Safety Signage for Your Facility


As businesses begin to reopen and employees return to work, it is imperative that we are equipped with the proper signage to keep our staff safe and healthy. CBT partner, Brady Corporation, is continuously expanding their coronavirus signage product line to adapt to the evolving needs of businesses operating under CDC guidelines and WHO recommendations. Brady currently offers a wide variety of facility signage suitable for all areas of the building. John Hanley, Senior Territory Sales Manager at Brady, recommends having, at minimum, signage in these four areas of the facility: 

  • Main customer and employee entrances 

  • Customer counter area 

  • Employee common areas (lunchroom, break room, conference rooms, restrooms, etc.) 

  • Warehouse facilities (shipping/receiving, stocking, production, etc.) 

Main Entrance Signage – This is where you should display the overall message you’d like to convey to employees and customers. Display guidelines and precautions to clearly outline patron expectations. 

  • Stick to signs that are thick and weather resistant as they are more durable. 

  • Signs with colors and large headers will attract the eye, ensuring they are seen, and pertinent messages are relayed to all those who enter the building. 

  • The less signage, the better – you don’t want to overwhelm your viewers with an abundance of information and risk distracting patrons. 

Counter Signage – Ensure your customers and employees are keeping a safe distance from one another with floor signage and 8.5” x 11 counter display. 

  • 8.5” x 11 paper signage can be a good resource if it is placed on the counter and is updated frequently. Friendly reminders and supplemental information work best in these applications. 

  • Semi-permanent floor tape options, including the Brady Tough Stripe, work best in the counter areas where you may have customers waiting in line, while maintaining a safe distance from the counter. 

  • Brady Tough Stripe Die Cuts are easily placed to identify designated waiting areas strategically measured six feet apart. Eliminate the guesswork for your customers and enable them to practice safe social distancing. 

Common Areas – Consider signage that address the larger picture of sanitation and hygienic practices. These signs address the housekeeping concerns that all employees should be reminded of frequently – wash your hands, cover coughs and sneezes, maintain safe distance, and stay home if you’re sick. 

  • Poster signage would be ideal for these areas as they can convey a lot of information and are easily visible across larger rooms. 

  • Brady also offers printers that allow you to create custom signage that might only be applicable in your facility. For example: 

  • Only one person using microwaves at a time 

  • One person per table 

Warehouse Areas – You should build upon your current safety signage with rugged, non-slip signage of a similar color. 

  • 17” round die cuts are ideal for busy areas with loud machinery and a lot of external noise. 

  • Anti-slip material is available for locations where employees might be entering and exiting the building and tracking in the rain or snow. 

  • Custom items including banners and posters work well in these areas where you have high visibility and large amounts of wall space for hanging. These easily catch the eye with color and large text. 

Shop all Brady COVID-19 signage here. If you are looking for something specific that you can’t find here, Brady Corporation is able to create custom signage specific to your application. Contact your CBT Safety Specialist to learn more. 

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