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Electrical Safety Month - Steps to Arc Flash Compliance

When you rely on internal resources to complete an arc flash risk assessment in your facility you open yourself up to many risks. A miscalculation to even the slightest degree, can lead to improper PPE selection, noncompliance and ensuing citations or fines, and time and money spent to rework the fault assessment. We don’t want to deter you from implementing an arc flash safety program in your plant, but we do want to enourage you to seek out professionals for the job. CBT has a team of certified Safety Specialists who can complete a comprehensive risk assessment on-site and help you create a safety strategy that works for your business.

Steps to Arc Flash Compliance:

  1. Obtain a One-line Diagram: You must be knowledgeable of the complete electrical schematics of your facility in order to obtain a one-line diagram. This allows you to identify any potential arc flash risks from the beginning. If a one-line diagram is not accessible, we have alternate solutions.
  2. Complete a Plant Floor walk-through: CBT Safety Specialists will begin with the main switchgear and every corresponding electrical panel to reveal any arc flash points.
  3. The Proposal: CBT’s team will draw up a comprehensive safety proposal for your plant, including arc flash assessments, training, PPE, glove program, etc. This proposal covers all employees and contractors at your plant ensuring OSHA compliance.  

Important Dates:

  • Arc Flash Study/Analysis must be completed every five years
  • Employees need to be certified every three years

Don’t wait until a devastating event occurs in your facility to schedule an Arc Flash Study. Take a proactive approach to employee safety, equipment preservation, and arc flash mitigation in your plant and schedule a consult with a CBT Safety Specialist today!


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