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Electrical Safety Month - Test Your Electrical Safety Knowledge

Electricity is so closely integrated in a multitude of manufacturing processes that many workers are exposed to live currents on a daily basis yet aren't informed of proper electrical safety procedures. The risks of an electrical injury on the job could be detrimental to your employees and your business, costing your company thousands of dollars and potentially dangering lives. 


Electrical Safety Incidents in the Workplace

  • 54% of fatal electrical injuries occured in the construction industry
  • Contact with or exposure to electricity is the 6th most common cause of workplace fatalities
  • 5% of electrical injuries in 2017 were fatal
  • There was a 65% increase in electrcial injuries between 2016 and 2017
  • The average electrical injury will cause employees to miss an average of 10 days of work
  • Arc flash injuries accounted for 77% of all recorded electrical injuries in 2014
  • The monetary cost of an electrical injury can easily exceed $1 million including the costs of equipment replacement, downtime, and insurance
  • Work-related injuries can cost businesses well over $30 million in fines, medical costs, litigation, lost business, and equipment costs

Are you aware of the safety risks in your facility? Take our quiz to test your electrical safety knowledge. 


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