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CBT: A Leading Industrial Electrical Supplier

CBT consistently delivers on providing solutions on demand. You’ll find products for replacement parts, circuit breakers, transformers, and other electrical parts. We partner with the best vendors and distributors in the industrial marketplace including Panduit, SolaHD, NVent, and more.

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nVent Hoffman Universal Free-Stand Enclosures

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nVent Hoffman Universal Free-Stand Enclosures speed design and modification with easy accessory choices for large Unibody enclosures. These standard enclosures ship faster, modify & assemble faster, and increase safety providing you and your customers more time.


Supply Chain Challenges

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Supply chain disruptions happen periodically, but the challenges we’ve been facing over the past year are unlike any we’ve seen in the past. Increasing prices of raw materials, coupled with product scarcity and increased overall demand due to the pandemic, have placed stressors on the supply chain affecting every global industry.

CBT and the Material Handling Industry

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The material handling industry is the fastest-growing vertical in the world, with a drastic increase in distribution centers across the tri-state and surrounding areas. This year we added another piece to the CBT puzzle by hiring Andy Hillard, a Business Development Manager strictly devoted to serving the local material handling segment. We sat down to talk with Andy about his vision for CBT and the material handling industry in 2021 and beyond.