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Free Automation Training Available On-Demand

CBT Training Looking for a quick, affordable way to update your skill set? CBT partner Rockwell Automation offers a library of webinars covering the industrial automation industry's hottest topics in its Fundamentals Series. These 15- to 20-minute training videos are hosted by Rockwell Automation's magazine, The Journal, and guests from Rockwell Automation's PartnerNetwork and provide information on basic principals and techniques on topics important to you. In addition to the library of training videos, supporting materials - including white papers, product sheets, infographics, and other related videos - are also provided to supplement your education.

Training Courses Available

Webinars in this growing list of training videos include:

  • The Basic Effects of DOE 2016 Transformer Regulation Impacts
  • Wireless for Industrial Applications
  • How to Select the Right Camera for Machine Vision Applications
  • Manufacturing Optimization: Unlocking Greater Productivity & New Efficiencies
  • An Introduction to Virtualization for Manufacturers
  • Remote Monitoring, Programming, and Asset Management of Your PLC-Based System

Visit The Journal's Fundamentals Series portal to view the full list of on-demand training videos available.


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