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Improve Warehouse Conveyor Efficiency with Premium Mounted Bearings

Warehousing is a key component of any supply chain. And when conveyors are used to move products across a warehouse facility, these systems are expected to deliver years of continuous, maintenance-free performance. But sometimes accidents happen, and conveyors break down or become inoperable for several reasons. Learn how high-quality mounted bearings can help improve the efficiency of your warehousing conveyors and limit your warehouse downtime. 

Keep Lubrication In and Contaminants Out
After years of continuous operation and minimal maintenance, even light-duty warehouse conveyors can see bearing damage. Oftentimes, this damage is caused by a lack of bearing lubrication. Timken provides several mounted bearings for warehousing conveyors, each one designed to prevent damage caused by a lack of lubrication.

To accomplish this, Timken bearings are available with a complete line of industrial sealing solutions, including a variety of seal types and material options to resist dirt, dust, and debris. Bearing end covers can be added for ultimate bearing protection. With the combination of seals and covers, you can maximize the performance of your conveyor bearings while keeping them free of contamination.

Three Mounted Bearing Designs for Your Warehousing Needs 

CBT offers three Timken mounted bearing options, depending on the needs of your warehousing application:

● Timken® U Series mounted ball bearings: Timken’s standard and heavy-duty U Series mounted ball bearings are suitable for warehouse conveyors for normal loads while offering many features designed to increase your equipment uptime and reduce maintenance costs. The ball bearings also deliver robust sealing performance in demanding environments, which can result in extended bearing life and reduced lubrication leakage.

● Timken Fafnir® mounted ball bearings: For more demanding higher loads and better protection against contamination, Timken Fafnir mounted ball bearings will be the most helpful. These bearings are available with multiple sealing and locking solutions, including set screw solutions featuring special technology, which eliminates shaft damage from screws.

● Timken mounted solid-block spherical roller bearings: For maximum performance in demanding environments, Timken mounted solid-block spherical roller bearings deliver. Made with cast-steel housings and Timken high-performance spherical roller bearings, they are the only mounted spherical roller bearings to offer steel solidblock housings as standard. With a full line of precision-made locking styles and housings, these mounted solidblock bearings offer protection from contaminants, particularly when used with the many available advanced primary and secondary seal options.

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