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Intralox Takes Aim at Foreign Material Risk


As global food manufacturing continues to automate, the role of belting is more important than ever for food manufacturers to safely produce food. With that in mind, Intralox offers Intralox® FoodSafe™ products specifically developed to prevent belt-related foreign material risk. 

The new products include the Intralox Series 800 Flat Top Heavy-Duty Edge in PK (Polyketone), a more impact, chemical, and abrasion resistant material than acetal. Intralox PK will reduce nonmechanical belt-related foreign material risk in facilities, and functions over a temperature range from -40°F to 200°F. The belt is both FDA and EU compliant. 

The Heavy-Duty Edge features a robust design which reduces breakage risk during daily sanitation and maintenance, and a closed flush belt edge that minimizes catch points. When used with the new Sprocket Spacer, food manufacturers can ensure their sprockets maintain position during sanitation to preserve belt alignment at startup. 

The new products are part of the Intralox FoodSafe portfolio, which addresses the needs of food manufacturers to produce safe food efficiently and effectively. 


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