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Optimize Business Processes with Custom B2B Integration



Honeywell Intelligrated was encountering issues during their receiving process when shipments of purchased good arrived at their project sites. Making sure they were sent what they had ordered was difficult to track with paper packing slips. Completing the receiving process was extremely time consuming with one person responsible for manually accepting each item individually. This date process increased the risk for duplicates, numerical mistakes, and mislabeling.

Honeywell implemented a new standard for processing inbound deliveries from their vendor partners by asking them to create a way for shipments to digitally integrate into their ERP system. The data transfer would speed-up receiving processes, reduce downtime, and allow Honeywell to process PO’s quicker.

“CBT is the benchmark for how we want this process to go with all of our vendor partners.” – Ryan Balzer, CI Value Stream Leader, Project Delivery | Honeywell Intelligrated



CBT’s Vice President of Information Technology and Director of Business Solutions met with Honeywell personnel onsite to fully understand the current shipping and receiving process as well as the future goals and initiatives. Within two weeks, CBT delivered a custom solution that met all of Honeywell’s asks.
“We first asked our own Warehouse Management Service (WMS) for a quote on completing this process through their system, but we were disappointed when they came back with a completion date of more than six weeks,” said Mike Kiniyalocts, CBT IT Vice President.
Not wanting to delay this process for Honeywell, CBT’s in-house team of developers quickly built a custom integrations solution and implemented the new warehouse technology in less than a week!



Packing slips and papers are a thing of the past! CBT can now electronically send Honeywell an advanced shipment notification of upcoming or pending deliveries. This notification is sent via an electronic file with picked items to be received immediately uploaded to Honeywell’s warehouse management system. To make it easier for Honeywell to receive shipments, CBT applies custom barcode labeling on all shipped packages and Honeywell simply scans the barcode to receive all BOM items at once.

The digital database allows Honeywell’s receiving department to search by product number or control panel to see what products have arrived, where they are located, and what materials have not shipped out yet. Honeywell is now experiencing better part tracking, less reorders, and fewer “lost” or misplaced products. This has resulted in less waste, reduced downtime, and simpler, more efficient operational processes.

Honeywell saves 10-15 minutes per truck inventorying the material as it arrives to the job site with the new integration.

Errors are caught must faster with the new system. Within the first week of completing the integration, a shipment had been mislabeled and the barcode would not scan, which alerted Honeywell that the shipment was not accurate. The Receiving group was able to resolve the mislabeled package immediately, rather than wait until the product couldn’t be found in a time of need. Prior to CBT’s custom integration solution, an employee could have spent over thirty minutes walking the job site for a part that may or may not be there. All guess work has now been eliminated.

So, how can you benefit from IT too?

CBT has the capability to implement a similar digital integration with any ERP system. If this is something your company could benefit form, reach out to your Account Manager! Our IT team would love to set up a time to come on-site to assess your needs and develop a customized solution to help you save time and money.

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