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Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows you to do more with less. With IoT devices and data-rich reporting platforms, you can maximize resources and set new standards of productivity and cost savings. CBT and our partners can provide customized solutions across any industry and application. The proof is in the numbers.



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If this unit was to fail catastrophically, we could be down for days, whereas with this predictive maintenance technology, we knew there was a problem and scheduled four hours of downtime to fix the issue.

– Dave Woodward Maintenance Manager

Success Stories

Schaeffler OPTIME

Paper & Packaging


CHALLENGE: A food manufacturer was looking for a solution to reduce downtime while improving employee safety after frequent unplanned failures.

A manufacturer that produces solutions based on wood, paper, and biomass for numerous sectors worldwide was seeing frequent unplanned failures. The equipment failures were often caused by unmonitored motors, pumps, gearboxes, and fans that were subjected to severe stress in harsh environments. Safety and Maintenance Managers were looking for a solution to help reduce downtime while simultaneously improving employee safety.

SOLUTION: OPTIME™ detected problems, issued alarms, and provided information about the source of the problem.

Schaeffler OPTIME™ was the ideal solution for this application, complete with wireless sensors, a gateway and digital analytics services. OPTIME™ detects problems, issues alarms, and provides information about the possible source of the problem. No expert condition monitoring knowledge is required by employees, because OPTIME™ provides it all. Several hundred machines were able to be monitored at once, delivering automatic analysis to one concise platform.


  • To date, equipment failure has been avoided 16 times
  • OPTIME™ allows for measurement data retrieval six times per day, enabling strategic and effective maintenance planning

Regal’s Perceptiv™ Technology

Food and Beverage


CHALLENGE: A brewery was having issues identifying the problem with a pump failure, resulting in expensive repairs and lost in production.

A brewery was having issues identifying the problems with a critical boiler feed water pump. The maintenance manager was inspecting the unit frequently to ensure it continued to operate. If the boiler feed pump failed, it could damage pipes and other equipment, resulting in expensive repairs and lost production. The brewery had limited resources to troubleshoot the issues.

SOLUTION: Soon after the install of a Perceptiv ™ wireless vibration monitoring system the root cause for its issues were revealed.

A Perceptiv™ wireless vibration monitoring system was installed to monitor the boiler pump remotely. The system was easy to install: no wires or conduits needed to be attached to the vibration point. Within the first month of monitoring, the data revealed abnormally high vibrations in the boiler feed pump were leading to accelerated motor and pump deterioration. The root cause of the issues was misalignment of the pump head to the motor. This was a relatively new piece of equipment and unlikely to be identified as the source of the problems. The team generated a report based on the findings and provided detailed recommendations to correct the issues.


  • Reduced cost of downtime with Perceptiv™ Wireless Sensors
    • Mitigated $100,000 in lost production
  • Reduced Inspection Labor Costs
  • Proactive maintenance, remote monitoring, efficient planning

ABB Ability™ Smart Sensors



CHALLENGE: A chemical engineering plant was experiencing extended downtime and expensive production loss due to missed equipment failure cues.

One of the largest global chemical engineering plants was experiencing extended downtime and expensive production loss due to missed equipment failure cues. Tedious, manual equipment inspections were completed every three months but proved ineffective in avoiding machine malfunctions and maintenance requirements.

SOLUTION: Days after the Ability™ Smart Sensor was installed the sensor picked abnormal readings and the plant was able to make appropriate adjustments and plan for future maintenance before major issues arose.

ABB Ability™ Smart Sensors were installed on motors across all three of the manufacturing plants. The Smart Sensors proved their worth after only a few days in operation when one detected a higher than normal vibration in a motor on a feed roller. In another instance, a sensor picked up an abnormal temperature increase caused by an absorbent pad stuck on the fan cover. Similarly, a bearing started performing abnormally. It was regreased and the condition improved with a slight increase of levels within the alert range, but was still monitored closely. Two months later, the bearing crossed the alarm zone continuously, and it was replaced during the next scheduled maintenance shutdown before it could cause any problems.


  • Electric motor failures reduced by 80%
  • 0 motor breakdowns since ABB Ability Smart Senor technology was implemented

See this tool in action!

  • CBT worked with a local distillery to implement remote monitoring technology at their facility. Read the full story here.

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