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Sanitation Tech Tip: Antimicrobial Lighting

santation tech tip microbial lighting

This is what a typical day in a food plant may look like: workers come in early, the manufacturing lines get fired up, and product gets made all day. At some point, the first shift of workers leaves, and a new crew comes in to run the lines. Later in the evening, those workers go home, the line shuts down, and another crew clocks in to clean the manufacturing plant. This cycle goes on day after day, week after week, year after year. Workers come and go, ingredients arrive and leave as finished products, and the equipment gets dirtied and cleaned. One constant throughout this cyclical process is the risk of pathogens making their way into the plant, and subsequently into the products. Luckily, a proper sanitation process can keep these pathogens at a very low level most of the time. When the crews are finished, any pesky microbes remaining begin their reproduction cycle all over.

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Description automatically generatedThe average food recall halts production for five months with costs exceeding $200 million. How do you reduce the risk of contamination and production loss? First, develop a thorough sanitation program. Second, look for ways to improve the cleanability of existing equipment. Third, be sure to consider the hygienic design of any new equipment being brought into the plant. Finally, look for innovative products or technologies that help reduce risk of contamination.

Anti-microbial lighting from CBT partner, Hubbell, is an exciting new technology that can make a real difference in food safety.The SpectraClean technology meets ambient and task lighting requirements, while providing a continuous, unobtrusive disinfectant option for commercial applications. The lighting consists of white and 405 narrowband nanometer visible light with germicidal effects that suppress common pathogens like salmonella, E.Coli, and listeria. Incorporating SpectraClean technology in your plant is as simple as swapping out your current lighting fixtures with new ones. There are no new processes for your team to learn, no potentially dangerous equipment, and no large up-front investment costs.

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Description automatically generatedSpectraClean luminaries not only illuminate, but, continually and automatically disinfect. Its effective on pathogens in the air or attached to visible and hidden surfaces. With the proper dosage, this continuous and effective breakthrough in lighting technology can help protect customers and employees against foodborne illnesses.



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