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CCCL21: Studio 5000-Logix Designer Level 3: Basic Ladder Logic Interpretation

This course is a skill-building course that provides you with a more detailed understanding of Studio 5000 Logix Designer® ladder logic instructions and terminology. This course also provides you with the resources and hands-on practice required to interpret ladder logic instructions for any Logix5000™ controller.

You will have an opportunity to use the Logix Designer application to perform basic software tasks to meet the requirements of a given functional specification. In addition to using ladder logic, you will be introduced to ladder logic techniques, established standards, and common rules for interpreting ladder logic.

  • Day 1

  • Reviewing Basic Ladder Logic
  • Interpreting Timer and Counter Instructions
  • Interpreting Program Control Instructions
  • Interpreting Compare Instructions
  • Interpreting Move Instructions
  • Day 2

  • Interpreting Math Instructions
  • Interpreting Expression Handling Instructions
  • Interpreting Copy and File Fill Instructions
  • Integrated Practice: Interpreting Ladder Logic Instructions

May 31 - Jun 01

Category:RS Logix 5000
Rockwell Automation Training
Cincinnati, OH
Course Dates:5/31/23 08:30 AM - 6/1/23 05:00 PM
Available Seats:Out of stock

Jul 06 - Jul 07

Category:RS Logix 5000
Rockwell Automation Training
Cincinnati, OH
Course Dates:7/6/23 08:30 AM - 7/7/23 05:00 PM
Available Seats:11 in stock