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The Conveyor Belt Reinvented

Acrivated Roller Belt Technology

In October of 2016, CBT partner, Intralox was featured in this video that was shared on Facebook hundreds of thousands of times.

People were mesmerized by the effortless movements of these packages across the conveyor belts. The technology behind it all is Intralox's state-of-the-art Activated Roller Belt. The innovative technology seamlessly merges, sorts, and aligns packages of all sizes in all industrial applications. Intralox Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology offers optimized conveyance solutions by providing more functionality and reliability while reducing total system costs. The ARB technology is a patented conveyance solution that brings the benefits of modular plastic belting to complex package handling processes like sorting, merging and aligning. The result is an automated conveyance platform that enables critical improvements where it was previously cost-prohibitive or overly complex. ARB technology is a reinvention of the way packages move from point A to point 5, proven in over 5,000 installations worldwide. Intralox offers a full range of products built on the roller belt technology, that will work together seamlessly to optimize your plant functions:

  • ARB 90-degree Transfers
  • Aligners
  • Case Turner
  • Depalletizing Systems
  • Merges
  • Palletizing Infeed Systems
  • SIngulators
  • Sortation Systems
  • Switches

Talk to your CBT specialist today for more information on Intralox's Activated Roller Belt technology, and how it could benefit your application.

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