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The Know-How of Supplies on Site

Published: Mar 17 2023

The scene of a building under construction is chaotic. Workers are spread out, each focused on their tasks, with those jobs becoming more complicated the bigger the space is. With so many ongoing projects, a centralized place that holds all the needed supplies on site is crucial.

CBT’s Supplies On Site Program provides a trailer at unique project sites, stocked with materials and parts custom to your project. This allows contractors to provide their team with materials, such as conduit, wire, and fittings, in one convenient location.
“Our customers aren’t building little convenience stores. These are big distribution centers,” says Tim Caldwell, Program Manager.

Trailers can remain on a project site for anywhere from six to fifteen months and are a one-stop shop for work crews to get what they need. “It’s a reliable source for contractors to pull dependable electrical installation materials specific to the project they’re working on,” Caldwell says, adding that it is easily managed through a companion mobile app.

The Supplies On Site Program began in 2020 and has grown rapidly, with current sites spanning the country. Customers can submit a customized order detailing all the material they will need for the upcoming project. Once the order comes in, CBT facilitates the delivery of the trailer to the project site, and coordinates with its network of partners to stock the trailer with the requested supplies.

The trailer size can vary, but once on site, it is outfitted with shelves and stocked with materials. Caldwell and other CBT employees travel to the site to ensure everything is in order before the project commences.

At the project site, contractor-approved tradespeople are free to come and pick up the parts they need to complete their project, without worrying if they have enough parts to get the job done.

After the job is complete, CBT takes inventory of the materials used and credits unopened parts back to the customer. On average, CBT customers have seen a 20% decrease in total project costs.

“It’s almost like you’re giving them money back,” Caldwell says. “And our customers couldn’t be happier with that.”

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