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Timken Creates Smooth Operation

Timken Spherical Bearings Timken is pioneering a spherical revolution with a full bearing portfolio, global manufacturing consistency, local availability, and a better design perfected over half a century.

Timken All-Around Power

Stronger operations and results come from big product improvements. Big product improvements come from a collection of small innovations.

  • Better Load Distribution: Improved profiles reduce internal stresses and optimize load distribution to minimize wear.
  • More Surface Area: Longer rollers give you more surface area to carry the load, allowing you to do more and operate with higher loads.
  • Reduced Friction: Enhanced surface finishes result in improved lube film, which avoids metal-to-metal contact to keep things running cooler.
  • Stronger Cages: Hardened steel cages deliver greater fatigue strength, increased wear resistance, and tougher protection against shock and acceleration.
  • Lower Operating Temperatures: Rollers are guided by cage pockets – not a center guide ring – which eliminates a friction point and can lead to operating temperatures five degrees cooler, on average, than the competition.
  • Better Contaminant Purging: Unique slots in the cage face improve oil flow and purge more contaminants from the bearing to help optimize equipment uptime.

Timken All-Around Solutions

Manage your spherical roller bearing needs more simply with an unmatched range of choices from one source. From 25mm to 1250mm bore, Timken offers a comprehensive range of spherical roller bearing sizes in both steel and brass cages to meet the demanding requirements of the heavy-equipment industry.

Timken All-Around Longer Life

What can 20 added months of bearing life equal? Take an industrial gearbox for example. It means up to 10 fewer oil changes, 1 less rebuild, and 33% longer bearing life. It means saving about $56,000 over the life of the gearbox. Timken spherical roller bearings can run five degrees cooler than the competitions, which increases lubricant life and can mean 9% more bearing life. A lot goes into a Timken spherical roller bearing. A lot comes out of it. More strength. More selection. More savings. Talk to a bearing specialist today about how CBT and Timken can create a smoother operation for you. Timken is CBT Company's June Vendor of the Month. Please contact us to talk about what Timken and CBT can do for you.

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