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This Product Notice informs you of a potential anomaly that exists with the Allen-Bradley® 1715-AENTR Ethernet/IP Adaptor Module, the AADvance® T9110 Processor Module, and the AADvance T9120 Processor Eurocard. When used with redundant power supplies, the affected module may not detect and report the loss of a single supply. If the redundant supply is subsequently lost, the system will lose all power and shut down without system notification


Product Notice 2019-07-001: An anomaly exists with firmware versions 29.011 and 32.011 used with CompactLogix and Compact GuardLogix controllers. Customers may experience a major non-recoverable fault. Correction requires firmware update. Hardware is not affected and may not be returned on this notification.


This Product Notice provides awareness of Global Positioning System (GPS) events that may affect time keeping capabilities of the 1756HP-TIME and 1756-TIME ControlLogix® GPS Time Synchronization modules. The GPS uses fixed size counters to manage various aspects of time keeping. When a counter rolls over (maximum value to zero) time keeping devices dependent on that counter may need to be updated to compensate.