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Unchain Your Operations: Gates Chain to Belt Conversion


Free your business from the limitations of outdated roller chain. Discover superior capabilities, uptime, and performance with the Synchronous Poly Chain Belt from CBT partner, Gates Corporation. Increasing throughput while simultaneously reducing downtime and maintenance is a common issue in our industry, but these poly chain belts can drastically help meet your production goals. Outdaded roller chains can easily be replaced with the Gates innovative belt drive technology. Poly Chains were engineered for maximum flexibility, efficiency, and extended life. Culp Lumber in North Carolina saw exponential benefits in production when they made the smart switch from roller chain to poly chain belts.


Break free from unplanned maintenance.



Gates Poly Chain® vs Roller Chain:

  • 3x longer life
  • Requires no lubrication
  • Virtually maintenance free, with no-retensioning required
  • Significantly reduced weight and noise
  • Carbon tensile cord does not stretch
  • Belt sprockets good for 2 to 3 belt changes
  • Increased uptime
  • No crane rental to replace the belt
  • Increased safety
  • Can reach virually any center distance


*Benefits of upgrading your chain deliver payback periods as short as 6-12 months

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