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VOM: SMC Handles Critical Pressure Needs

SMC Critical Pressure Needs Digital pressure switches monitor positive and vacuum pressures, displaying instantaneous readings, as well as transmitting output signals when critical set points are detected. Switch outputs can trigger machine controls for continuing operation, emergency response, or maintenance. Learn about SMC's flagship digital pressure switch, ISE/ZSE40A, in this video: SMC offers a wide range of pressure switches and gauges. Two types of digital pressure switches for air, non-corrosive gas, and non-flammable gas are the ISE for positive pressure and the ZSE for vacuum/compound pressure. SMC's ISE/ZSE40A has been improved for greater functionality:

  • Switch outputs signal target or abnormal values
  • 12 functions to optimize performance, utility, and security
  • Observe instantaneous pressure on display and analog output
  • IP65 compliant for wet or dusty environments

SMC is the CBT Vendor of the Month for December. For more information, please contact your CBT specialist.

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