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What Is The Connected Enterprise?

Connected Enterprise With competition on the rise, the need for manufacturers to improve what and how information is shared is at an all-time high. Better information sharing drives better decision making, exposes inefficiencies, and sparks collaboration. Rockwell Automation’s Connected Enterprise aims to bring together plant floor operations technology with business level information technology, converting information into data that drives better decisions.


Connected Enterprise helps operations managers profitably manage and improve manufacturing and industrial processes, and IT executives reduce network complexities and exposure to cyber security risks. It shares productivity-improving information to workers across the organization in a context that is meaningful for each role.

- Rockwell Automation


In this video, Rockwell Automation Vice President of Market Development John Nesi shares how Connected Enterprise can accelerate your facility’s performance. Learn how through integrating people, process, and technology, you can gain the business insights needed to make more informed and profitable business decisions.

Want to learn more about how Connected Enterprise can make your business more competitive? Contact us today to start your Connected Enterprise journey.

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